Apr 13, 2010

Australian Mathematics Trust - Mathematics Activity: IMTOT



International Mathematics Tournament of Towns

This page will be developed to give students a wide range of opportunities to practice their mathematics, and teachers warm-up papers and other problems to give their class. Problems to be found here will cover a wide range of standards, from accessible to all students up to challenging.

When a question is posted without solution, if you are from a participating school and within the valid school year, send your solutions here, making it clear which problems you are answering. If your solution is complete we will acknowledge with your name, school and school year. Generally when a sufficient number of correct solutions are in we will post the complete solutions, and follow with new problems.

These Tournament questions can be extremely challenging.

Problem 1.

Correct solutions were received from
  • Eman Redzepagic, Year 9, Scotch College, Victoria

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