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The AMC (American Math Competition) is a series of tests which lead to the selection of the U.S. Math Olympiad Team which competes in the International Math Olympiad.  Along with MathCounts, the AMC series of competitions is the premier math contest for middle school students.

The AMC 8 is for students in grade 8 and below.  It is held in November.  Students are allowed 40 minutes to complete the 25-question multiple-choice exam.  Middle-school students who score well on the AMC 8 often take the AMC 10 in February.  A high score on the AMC 10 or 12 qualifies a student to take the AIME, which leads to the USAMO and eventually the MOSP and the IMO.  More information can be found at the AMC website.

2009/2010 Dates:
Tuesday, November 17:  AMC 8.
Tuesday, Febraury 9:  AMC 10A/12A.
Wednesday, February 24:  AMC12A/12B.
Tuesday, March 16:  AIME1
Wednesday, March 31:  AIME2
April 27-28:   USAMO

Sample AMC8 Exams

2008 AMC 8 (Answers here.)

Sample AMC10 Exams

2009 AMC 10A (Solutions here).

Sample AMC12/AHSME Exams

2009 AMC 12B (Answers here.)

Sample AIME Exams

2009 AIME 1 (Answers here.)

Number Theory:  Primes, Divisibility, Factoring, Factoring 'Tricks', Factorials, Different Bases, Units Digits.  (52 pages)  Last Updated February 6, 2009.

Draft Counting unit.  Mostly completed now.  (42 pages).  Updated 2/26/09.

Draft Probability unit.  Mostly complete, but could use some revisions.  NEW!  Updated 4/26/09.


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