Jan 4, 2010

Algebra Through Problem Solving


Algebra Through Problem Solving

Abraham P. Hillman  

University of New Mexico

Gerald L. Alexanderson 

Santa Clara University


This book has been placed on the Web by the Science Education Team at Los Alamos National Laboratory to help students better prepare for careers in mathematics and science. The topics are essential for success in college level mathematics but tend to be taught inadequately, if at all, due to discontinuities between high school and college courses. The treatment here also provides experience with pattern recognition and other problem solving techniques.

The book is available to you in two forms; you can browse it on the Web, or you can download it as a PDF file. This interactive version is intended to be read on your computer.  If you want to print the text, the PDF version is much better.  Enjoy the book, and if you have any questions about what you read or if you need help with any of the problems contact Merv Newton.

If you browse the book on the Web, you will find that all references to other parts of the book are links to those parts. To return to where you were, use the "BACK" command on your browser.

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For other texts by these authors see Complex Numbers and Trigonometry and Abstract Algebra.

This book was converted to the WWW by Dr. Mervin E. Newton with the support of Thiel College. His hard work is greatly appreciated.

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