Jan 22, 2010

MATHCOUNTS Foundation - Teachers/Coaches - School Handbook Vol. I


MATHCOUNTS® School Handbook


More than 50,000 copies of the new 2009-2010 MATHCOUNTS School Handbook, Volume I will be distributed to middle schools across the country in early September. There are over 100 creative problems meeting National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards for grades 6-8. These problems are also available for download on the website.


Schools that have signed up a Math Club for the MATHCOUNTS Club Program will receive a copy of Volume II automatically.


Whether you incorporate the materials into your classroom or use them as an extracurricular activity, we hope you find these and other MATHCOUNTS resources helpful.


Download the 2009-2010 MATHCOUNTS School Handbook!

Handbook Volume I Contents:

  • Critical 2009-2010 Dates: page 4
  • Introduction: page 5 
  • New This Year: pages 6-7
  • Vocabulary/Formulas:  pages 20, 21
  • Handbook Problems (Warm-ups, Workouts, Stretches):  pages 27-36
  • What About Math? Introduction and Problems: pages 37-42
  • Answers to Handbook and What About Math? Problems:  pages 43-46
  • Solutions to Handbook and What About Math? Problems: pages 47-54
  • Problem Index:  page 55
  • MATHCOUNTS Club Program Information:  pages 23-26, 64
  • Competition and Club Program Registration Form:  page 64


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2009-2010 School Handbook
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